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Welcome to Our School


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We passionately believe in the right of every child to have a first class education that lays down the foundations for future success and prepares them for the challenges and opportunities of 21st Century living.

My name is Moya Whitehead and I am proud to have been a part of the special community at The Hills Academy for many years as a parent, member of staff and Headteacher. Like all the staff, governors and parents I constantly strive to improve the provision for our children and provide the best possible foundation for their lives.

I am always happy to give you a personal tour of the school (please email the school office for an appointment), answer your questions and discuss the opportunities available for your children.


What makes us special is that we are a diverse and collaborative community where:

  • Everyone is equal, included, respected and cherished.
  • We continuously ensure that every child’s individual needs are being considered and met.
  • Staff remain consistent and rarely leave because we have a happy and supportive team.
  • Standards of academic achievement are significantly above national levels.
  • Behaviour is exceptionally good and lessons are rarely disrupted.
  • Attendance is high and children want to be in school.
  • Enjoyment is just as important as achievement.
  • Everyone has the opportunity to experience a wide range of sporting and creative activities and talent is nurtured.
  • Strong and consistent values are taught and modelled.
  • Children are taught how to stay safe in modern society.
  • All members of staff, volunteers and governors have had enhanced CRB clearance, hold suitable qualifications and references and ‘Safeguarding’ is everybody’s responsibility.
  • All of us experience challenge and have targets for growth.
  • Children are protected from unnecessary pressure.
  • Play is upheld as a right for every child (and even the grown-ups too a little bit!).
  • There are opportunities to learn outdoors, get muddy, wet, climb trees, build dens, fly a kite, ride a go-kart and experience the seasons.
  • Parents and families are welcome and are in school regularly.
  • Families receive support in times of need.
  • Success is shared and celebrated.

By the time our children come to leave the school we expect them to:

  • Treat each other with equality and be empathetic.
  • Celebrate our diversity and appreciate the beliefs, talents and needs of others.
  • Be trustworthy in taking responsibility, respect the school rules and make decisions and suggestions about school activities.
  • Be a good listener.
  • Be able to express and understand how they feel. To start to identify ways in which feelings can be managed and improved.
  • Hold strong values and use these to reflect on and support their decision making.
  • Manage academic challenge, seeking support and maintaining a sense of perspective.
  • Reflect on their own learning, recognise the progress they have made and identify their next steps ; challenging themselves with a positive attitude to learning.
  • Show independence and self-regulate their social interaction.
  • Feel able to make mistakes and learn from them, allow others to make mistakes, support and forgive them.
  • Quickly identify a difficult relationship with a peer and communicate this appropriately to an adult for support.
  • Take risks whilst anticipating what could go wrong and planning contingencies.
  • Have identified a talent and enjoy an extra-curricular pastime.
  • Think globally and be hungry for knowledge about the wider world.
  • Be able to swim (at least 25m)
  • Have participated in a performance to an audience.
  • Have had the opportunity to play a musical instrument and sing.
  • Have participated in competitive sporting events and enjoy participating in healthy activity.
  • Have got dirty, climbed a tree, built a den, made a camp fire and slept away from home.
  • Have got excited about a historical event, researching it to the level of an expert.
  • Cooked their own food and tasted food from other cultures.
  • Been involved in the making of a short film.
  • Created a piece of art that is displayed to the whole school community.
  • Be highly computer literate and able to perform basic coding.
  • Have achieved awards and recognition for a range of academic, creative, sporting, cultural and social success.
  • Apply philosophy to dilemma’s and unanswerable questions. Discuss and give opinions using language such as ‘I wonder if…’, ‘have you thought about why…’
  • Taken an organisational responsibility in school.
  • Feel safe and know how to keep themselves safe.
  • Behave well and be consistently ready and excited to learn.
  • Have a love of nature and express awe for the world around them.
  • Feel that their family is integral to the school community and that their parents/carers have supportive relationships with their teachers
  • Laugh, feel happy and have fun.
  • Have achieved their full potential and be on course to continue their good progress into Secondary School.
  • Be resilient, able to function well in society and contribute to the local community.