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Children's letter - 13th May

Dear children,

Hello, how are you all. I expect some of you have heard that some children might be able to go back to school next month.  We are not really sure yet so please don’t expect too much, you are going to have to be patient and wait until we know the best way of doing things. If we do go back to school it will be up to your families if you attend and things will look a bit different so we can keep you all safe and there are some very important things we are going to ask you to learn before you come back to school.

The first thing is – KEEPING YOUR DISTANCE

When we all finally do come back to school the teachers and the children are all going to have to remember to keep 2 metres apart – that’s about two grown up arms length apart.  This is going to be tricky to remember, but it is really important – especially when you are walking down the corridor and at playtime.  It would be really helpful if you could practice this at home to make sure you can do it.

Some photos from our friends:

Well done and thank you everyone!

Hope and Care – a poem by Scarlett T

What a moving poem Scarlett – thank you and well done!

Remember that if you are worried about anything then you can always email me or Miss Starr or


You can get help and advice at or phone them on 0800 1111