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Thank you

On behalf of the School Governors I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the staff, parents and the children in the way they have dealt with the events over the past few weeks. 

The children have been so sensible and have taken all the changes to their routine quickly and without fuss. They are certainly learning to cope with disappointments. (There will be more of that when my 3 realise they won't be watching TV solidly for the next two weeks!)

The parents have been extremely supportive to each other in sharing ideas and news particularly to those who have already had to self isolate.

As for the staff, we cannot thank you enough for how you have kept the school going facing such challenges. You have managed to keep the children informed but calm. Supported children in your classes and those already working from home. And you have done this while being at risk yourselves and having to support your own families. 

It's just a reminder of why I am proud to be a part of the school.

Thank you

Nicci Henson - Chair of Governors