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Meet the Governors

Stacie Bourne answers questions about being a school governor

Meet the governors – Stacie Bourne

Why did you become a governor?
I was asked to be a governor a few years ago at my son’s old school. I thought it meant being a parent representative, but now I realise it’s more about holding the school to account. When we joined The Hills there was a vacancy so I applied.  I think the school does so much for the children, and it’s really nice to volunteer your time and effort as a small way of giving something back and saying thank you.

What do you like about the role? 
I particularly enjoy the curriculum and standards side of the role. It is great to see how the school continually strives to improve the outcomes of its pupils and how much care and attention goes into every aspect of school life. I’m blown away by the amount of work and dedication that goes in to running the school! I also really like all the training opportunities – that’s helped me develop professionally and personally and has given me another perspective and outlet for my skills. It can be hard work sometimes but it is extremely rewarding.

What are some of the key things you have done as a governor?
I try and keep well informed of education developments through regular training, so that I can support and challenge the senior leadership team when making decisions. I have sat on interview panels and working party groups, and I spend time in school on governor visits talking to staff, pupils and parents.  Networking with other schools and governors is also important.

What do you think about The Hills as a school?
I love the school, especially its nurturing feel. Everyone seems to care so much about the children and know them all individually – from the teachers, TAs, reception staff, dinner ladies, and prime time staff. I’ve always found it easy to speak to someone about any issue, big or small and it’s been dealt with appropriately. I feel like the school has a positive atmosphere and is really young at heart and most importantly, my children are happy and eager to learn.

What do your children think?
I love that the children are happy, love going to school, and love learning. They would probably say that they are proud of me for helping the school, but that I have to go to a lot of meetings!

What are your hopes for the future of the school?
I believe the school is going from strength to strength and the conversion to primary is one aspect of this. I hope the school will be able to get further funding to continue providing all the brilliant trips, clubs and sports in the future, as well as funding for the extra training to help staff develop professionally, which is a real strength of the school. The Hills is always looking to improve and it would be great to get more governors on board to lead that development.