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Welcome to our February year 3 blog. What a busy half term it has been.

We have been reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl in our English lessons. We started looking at describing characters before creating our own narratives inspired by the start of the book. The children had the opportunity to create their own character and even decided what the prize would be for winning a golden ticket – we had all sorts of ideas from tours of factors all the way to trips around the world! We are now starting to look at features of adverts – all related to chocolate of course!

In maths, we started the term revisiting multiplication and division before moving onto a new unit all about time. We have had a chance to link some of our maths to history by looking at Roman numerals. Our history has been focused around the Romans and their expanding empire, including the Roman invasion of Britain. This followed on nicely from last term when we had learned all about pre-history in Britain. So far, the children have really enjoyed learning about what the army got up to and how they worked well together to help take over more land. The children were also excited to learn about Boudicca and how she inspired some Celtic tribes to fight back against the Romans – even if she did end up being defeated. Mont Blanc had a chance to recreate their own Roman coins during out door learning this week.

Our Science has been all about light and its properties. We have learned the terms opaque, transparent and translucent as well as exploring which objects reflected light. Lots of testing has been done using torches.

Our art has focussed on Gustav Klimt and looking at his style of art work. We have already created our own mood boards to help inspire our colour choices when we create our own work inspired by Klimt. We can’t wait to show you.






As you can see we have been very busy in year 3 and  can’t wait to share more of our work in the future.