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Year 3 Canoe Trails adventure

Year 3 have had a fantastic time at Canoe Trail Adventures

As part of our 'Storms and Shipwrecks' topic Year 3 went on an adventure day with Canoe Trails.  They learnt survival skills on land, how they can make a camp fire and cook some food....mostly marshmallows to turn into smores!  They used the low ropes to test their nerves if they needed to move from one place to another using only a rope, and put their trust in their friends to complete the night rope task, following a rope line whilst blindfolded.  During the day the children were able to work together as a team paddling their way down the River Ouse using canoes, they learnt very quickly how to steer the canoes and paddle together to make sure they were not going round in circles.  

Finally, the children learnt how the locks on the river worked and were able to go through the locks in their canoes, as well as opening and closing them themselves.  All the children had a fantastic time and had lovely reports back from the instructors on the days.  

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