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We have been super busy learning about the artist William Morris. Did you know William Morris founded his own fabric company and it is still manufacturing goods. We had someone share with us his or her baby sister’s bib, which is from Morris and Co at Next... How cool is that!

We learnt about William Morris, we have discussed his work and then we got to experiment with printing. We tried out tracing, relief printing and mono printing. We got very messy printing but we had lots of fun and they look pretty! We are showing our work off on our new corridor display.

On Thursday 3rd November, we had a special Geography afternoon and we were given the continent of Antarctica to learn about. We were amazed to learn that Antarctica is 99% ice and that it can be as cold as-90 degree Celsius! We all agreed we did not want to go there! We learnt about the animals that live there like the emperor penguin, orcas and krill and created some posters about this. We also learnt about the artist Frances Hatch who is inspired by penguins in her work.

We have our trip to the STEM museum this month and are very excited to see what we will experience during this outing!

Keep posted for our next exciting blog!

Have a look HERE at some photos of our learning