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Monday it was ‘Anti Bullying Week’ odd socks day,  so nearly the whole school wore odd socks to show our support and each class went in a circle and took a photo of all the odd socks we were wearing.

Key stage 2 had an anti-bullying assembly where we watched a video about someone who was being bullied and talked about what it would result in and how the person may feel.  We also talked about what bullying was… when someone is mean to you verbally, physically or online/on a phone over and over again and also if there is lots of people being mean to one person... and what we should do if we were being bullied.

We also we did some activities like on a piece of paper we wrote what we would do if we were being bullied. We also did some true or false questions we answered by standing up or sitting down which was a fun way to learn about a serious subject.

The whole school had mufti for children in need on Friday so we brought donations for the children in need.

It was such an interesting week and I hope that one day everyone will STOP BULLYING !

By Fraser