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We have had such an exciting month packed with lots of different events and fun activities!

Year 2 had the opportunity to have a PE lesson delivered by Year 6 children- how excited we were about this!

During the day, the Year 6 led a carousel of different fun activities to different groups. Activities included; balancing a bean bag on our heads (it’s harder than it sounds), running activities, aiming and throwing activities. We all really enjoyed the activities and would love for Year 6 to lead us in activities again.

We would like to say a huge thank you to Mr Ramsden, Mr Parker and Miss Lowden for organising this for us. The year 6 children were amazing and they showed great skills of leadership and positive encouragement to keep us motivated!

We can’t wait to do the same when we are in Year 6 😊

Have a look HERE for some photo's from the session