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This half term Year 1 and Year Two had a visit from The Grammar Show and The Punctuation Show. This was a fun, interactive session where we were taught when and how to use full stops, exclamation marks, question marks, commas in a list and apostrophes. We learnt lots of fun dances and were able to rock out to the music! There were lots of interactive quizzes and we had fun trying to solve the questions. The man, Barry, was very funny and we were very impressed with his different voices!

2B were lucky enough to have a visit from the Blue Watch crew from BEDFORD Fire Station. This was a virtual session where we were able to look at the different outfits worn for different emergencies and we were able to look around the fire station. We saw the fire engine, the cab and the boat and saw some of the life saving equipment they use. We learnt that in an emergency we call 999 and if our clothes were in fire, we must stop, drop and roll. The firefighters have asked us to ensure we know where the fire alarms are in our homes, our address and an escape plan to keep us safe. Hopefully, 2T will be having their fire safety talk in the next few weeks as the crew were called out to an emergency

Have a look HERE for some photo's of our show and visit