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In RE, Year Two have a strand that says: guide and hold a charity event and raise money for something, explaining the importance of helping others.

As we taught this lesson after the half term in February and preparations were being made for Red Nose Day, it seemed only right and helpful that Year Two took over organising and planning the event for the school. The children thought very hard about what we could do- a bake sale? No, we need to be healthy. A skydive? No too scary.  A sponsored silence? No too hard. They thought really hard about what we could do with what we have in school, that would be easy for us to organise. Then we realised! THE RUNNING TRACK! We love running in Year Two and we love that we have such an amazing resource so why not use it and plan a sponsored run. 

We designed posters to advertise what we were doing and when we doing it, we ordered boxes of Red Noses and drafted a letter and sponsorship form. We helped to deliver the Red Noses to the children around the school and we learnt where all the classes are! 

In total we have made £240 from the sale of the noses and the Just Giving page currently shows £1631 which is 326% more than the £500 we hoped to make!!!! We are so proud of the efforts of all the children and the staff for Comic Relief. 

These donations will help tackle poverty, take action against violence and bring an end to discrimination in the UK and across the world. £5 could pay to get 20 meals to vulnerable children and families in the UK, £10 could provide 20 reading books for children in community learning centres in Northern Uganda, where free pre-school services are very limited. and £20 could provide a supportive coffee morning for families in the UK to share advice on caring for their child's mental health. Absolutely amazing and well worthy!

Look at our gallery HERE to see some pictures from the day!