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Yesterday we had our school trip to Woburn Safari Park. It was a fantastic experience as we got to see lots of different animals, some we had never seen before!

When we arrived at the safari park, some of us went to see the small, brown otters first. They were very cute. We saw the otters huddling together to keep warm and then they began squeaking loudly for food.

We also saw the giraffes. We were very lucky to get close to the giraffes and learn some really interesting facts about them. Did you know they have different coloured spots on their necks to recognize their families?

There was so much to see at the safari park yesterday. We saw animals like the white tree frogs. There was also sea lions at the zoo which looked as if they were giving the rock a big hug! As we drove around the safari park, we managed to get a good look at all of the safari animals such as the lions, elephants and wildebeest. It was a brilliant day which we all really enjoyed.

Have a look HERE at some photos from our day 😊