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In Year Two we have been improving and developing our reading skills. We have been using the VIPERS model of reading comprehension.

VIPERS is an acronym to aid the recall of the 6 Key reading areas of the National Curriculum and is important for us to know and understand in order to improve our comprehension of texts. VIPERS stand for







We have also started to do a reading of the day, shared reading as a class, looking at questions and using the text to improve our answers. Every day we take part in Stop, Drop And Read where we get our reading books from the book corner and we read quietly, sometimes sharing the book with our friends. This is improving our independent reading and focus. To end the day we have story time, sharing our class book or sometimes a book someone has brought in! Reading is so important, but it is not just reading the words, it is understanding the meaning behind the words.

A good reader becomes a good writer so we need to ensure we are reading a variety of texts, styles and genres. HERE are some pictures of us enjoying our books!