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In English we have been learning about Captain Sir Tom Moore’s life and what led to him helping the NHS during the pandemic.

We learnt lots of facts and we used these to create a biography. For example, did you know:

  • he had a dog called Billy when he was younger who was named after his favourite uncle?
  • That he loved to race motorbike competitively?
  • He received 120,000 cards and these were sent to Bedford Modern?

Then we used these facts to make a newspaper report, which can be viewed on TEAMS! This was lots of fun and we liked pretending that we were news reporters.

In the afternoon, Mrs Benson took us out to the playground and said we were going to channel our inner Tom’s and walk around the playground 100 times!!! Luckily, she was joking and we did ten but it allowed us to realise how amazing Captain Tom was.

We also had a go at making our own medals after learning the Captain Sir Tom Moore had four medals, was an honorary colonel and was knighted by the Queen!

You can see some pictures from our news reports and medal making HERE!