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Welcome back to the Year 2 blog! This month we are super busy with our art and design technology projects!

In art we are beginning to develop our sketching skills, looking carefully at tone and shade. We have been looking at facial features, looking closely at the shapes and lines of our eyes, noses and lips. We then are combining these skills to create our own self-portrait in our own style using a medium of our own choice. Some of us chose pencils, pen or even felt tips!

This term in DT, we are making our own moving picture books and learning how to evaluate and use the design criteria to support our work. We have looked at examples of moving picture books and we have identified what we like and what we would improve in these books. We then looked at the different types of mechanisms found within these including wheels, levers and slides. We spent an afternoon investigating the different mechanisms using traditional tales such as Jack and the Beanstalk and Little Red Riding Hood and we are now beginning to think about which mechanisms we will use in our own work.

Have a look HERE for some photos from our lessons.

Please can you make sure your children are practising our 2, 10, 5 and 3 times tables at home and that we know this both in order and jumbled up.

Thank you

Year 2