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Year 2 Outdoor Learning Morning!

What a lot of fun we had!

On Thursday we had our first Outdoor Learning Morning and it so much fun! We were very lucky that despite the wind and how cold it was, we managed to stay nice and dry!

We had to complete four different activities. There was a D.T. task where we used pipe cleaners and hooped cereal to make a bird feeder! Hopefully we can put these in our garden, so the birds have something yummy to eat!

The second activity was an English based task of writing a poem about birds using adjectives and verbs to add detail and description.

The third activity was a scavenger hunt where we had to run all over the field to find the clues and the letters to make the secret code. This was made more fun because a gremlin put some clues out twice just in different places!!!!

The last activity was based upon our learning in maths this week. We have been learning about 3D shapes and during Outdoor Learning Morning we had to look and find the 3D shapes in the Dragonflies garden; there were loads!!!!!

Have a look HERE for some photos of the day.

We had so much fun and we want to thank all the adults who gave up their time to make this Outdoor Learning Morning as success!

Thank you!!!!