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Come to our nativity!

Year 2 children are glad you are coming to watch the Key Stage 1 nativity!

Last week (2/12/16) we focused on how to write a piece of persuasive writing in English. We looked at examples of adverts and highlighted language that made us more interested, such as adjectives, questions and commands. We would like to share some of our writing with you!

Hey Ewe!

Are you bored with watching boring, annoying old TV? Then you must come to our brilliant and incredible nativity! Do you like cute, soft and cuddly sheep? It will happen on the 6th and 8th December, 6:00 to 7:30. Do you like jolly shepherd's sheep? Do you like children singing beautiful, wonderful and magical songs? How exciting is this going to be! 


Hey Ewe! 

At The Hills Academy there is going to be a nativity on the 6th December and the 8th December. It's going to be on 6:00-7:00. Are you bored of sitting in your house and watching TV? Do you like plays about fluffy, cute sheep? Then you must come to our performance. There are going to be wonderful, jolly market sellers that are going to be selling newspapers and delicious food. We our going to be singing dazzling songs. You must come to our incredible nativity! There are going to be jolly shepherds and a really mean, disgusting king!


We hope we have encouraged you to come to see the nativity!

Mrs Benson, Mr Parker and Year Two