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Shabbat is a special day for Jewish people. It is a day of rest and celebration that starts on Friday evening and ends on Saturday evening. Let's find out more about this special day!

On Shabbat, families come together to spend time with each other. They enjoy delicious meals, sing songs, and pray. People light candles to welcome Shabbat and say blessings over wine and bread.

During Shabbat, Jewish people do not work, just like on a special day off from school or work. Instead, they spend time relaxing, reading, playing games, or going for a walk.

Shabbat is a time to be grateful and happy. Families say blessings and thank God for all the good things in their lives. It is a time to appreciate what we have and to be kind to one another. To celebrate the end of our Judaism unit we had our own Shabbat. We looked at special items and shared a sweet treat.

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