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We've had a fun time today in our bubble having an outdoor learning day.  It has rained a bit but we didnt let that dampen our spirits or stop our activities.

This morning we had a treasure hunt.  We had a sheet with some photographs on from around the school grounds.  We had to figure out where the photo's were from and go there to find our treasure.  Some of us looked for Gruffalo's and some of us had to look for letters and figure out, at the end, what word they made... we figured out it made the word 'Holiday'!

After that we came insode to dodge the rain and made s'mores over a real candle. First of all we had to put our marshmallow on the end of a stick, then hold it over a candle so it went soggy.  When our marshmallow was cooked we put it in between 2 chocolate digestives and ate it.  Our s'mores were delicious... some of us really want to make them again!

This afternoon we are going outside to have a scavenger hunt, we have a few different one to choose from and we think it's going to be fun!

Have a look HERE at some photos from our day.