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A fun beginning to our year!

Year 1 Stunning Start (Amazing Africa) 

For our stunning start we had a visit from Safari Stu and some of his exotic friends. He introduced us to an animal we all called the hedgehog but in actual fact it was a tenrec. We discovered that tenrecs are actually related to elephants (I know, we were shocked too). He brought along his skunk which thankfully was descented (so the only smelly thing in the room was Mr Howell’s feet) and a couple of his sssslippery, ssslithery ….. lizards … Oh of course he allowed some of the children to pet the snakes. The children were extremely calm, polite and respectful to all of our guests and all of the adults were extremely proud (especially of those who were afraid of some of the animals but managed to pet them by the end).

Well done to all of the children across both classes. Feel free to look through our gallery of 1H and 1C.