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So far in art this term, we have focused on the artist Barbra Hepworth. The children started off by researching the artist and exploring her art work by finding out facts about her life. They were given the task of justifying what they liked about her art work and what they didn’t like so much; the children understood the importance of giving their honest opinions and reasoning and we explored the technical vocabulary that they could have used to support them in this.  They then had a fantastic time putting together their ideas into their art books in a style that suited them.

During the next lesson, the children were given the opportunity to get creative and make their own piece of art that was inspired by Barbra Hepworth using the medium: clay. They started off with recapping how to create different shapes using the clay how to join the shapes they made together by scoring the clay using the tools that were provided. The children thoroughly enjoyed creating their fantastic pieces of art work and Miss Tyrrell was so proud of all the work that was produced. 

Outdoor learning

As part of our outdoor learning session on Monday 29th January, the children were given the opportunity to explore a different style of art. The art we looked at was ephemeral and transient art. We discussed how this style of art meant that it was only temporary and how we could use the nature around us to create some of our own masterpieces. We looked at examples of ephemeral and transient art and have some brilliant discussions about them, which included what we thought the message behind the art was. It was wonderful to hear what the children thought the picture was trying to tell us and showed us that each mind works differently.

We then set off around the school grounds to collect any natural resources we could find. The children found beautiful, bright berries, pinecones, leaves, twigs and much more to use when they got back into to class. Most importantly, once the children had finished with their creations, they headed back outside to put the resources back in their natural habitat.

Have a look at the children’s wonderful designs in our GALLERY.