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On Friday 12TH January 2024 year 4 took part in Bikeability.  Kinabalu  have written about their experience.

First, we had to check everything on our bikes. We looked at the gears and our brakes and then if we had enough air in our tyres. The instructors used something called the ABCDD, which stands for air, brakes, chain, direction and dangly bits. Dangly bits means any loose clothing that may get stuck in your chain, such as untied shoelaces or very long scarves.

After that, we then practised doing U-turns on our bikes. When they called our name we went into the centre of the playground and did a U-turn. Later on, we weaved in and out of cones, in a circle like a snake.

(By Ella, Alessia and Kelsea)

After we had learnt how to do U-turns, we practised pretending to cross a road. This was done by going into a gap. The gap was big enough to pretend to cross the road (we were really on the playground) and get back onto the path.

The class also enjoyed taking part in a race called bike limbo. However, in this race the last person was the winner. This meant that we had to ride slowly during the race, but also stay in control of our bikes, this helped us to learn stability and control.

Himmat said that 'he really liked Bikeability, it was fun!'

Kaytlyn said although she fell off her bike she got back on and persevered and had a lot of fun.

Dario said he 'liked Bikeability, he found it really fun and he enjoyed the bike limbo but it got tricky at the end'.

Stanley said he liked the limbo best because he almost won