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At the end of October Kinabalu class were lucky to go on a SSCO Sports trip to Scott Primary School.

We set off just after morning break and took the short ride to Scott Primary. Once we arrived we were taken to the school sports hall to eat our lunch with the five other schools taking part.

After lunch the children were put into three groups. One group played Goalball, another did OAA (Outdoor Adventurous Activities) and the other did Tag rugby.

In Goalball we had to wear blindfolds and push a musical ball around, It had bells on it! First we had to get used to our ball by pushing it to our friends. We also played over and under and around the world.

Then we competed in a mini-tournament against the other schools. We made two teams - Hills Academy A and Hills Academy B. Both teams won some of their matches ... Hills Academy A even won a game 15-0

For OAA the children had to find letters hidden all around the field of the school. Once we found all the letters they spelt FRANCE and OLYMPIC GAMES. Afterwards, were team activities including four people standing on two planks of wood with ropes. We had to pull the ropes and make everyone move at the same time.  Elise enjoyed the scavenger hunt. Lincoln says he like orienteering because he got to read and run at the same time.

The Tag rugby group played lots of mini games. In one game Vihaan scored 4 points and in the final game he scored three points, he liked the tag rugby because it helped him to learn how to pass the ball forwards and backwards and also how to run with the ball. It also helped him learn how to get the tag from other people. Himmat says he like tag rugby because it is fun, friendly and sporty and you get to run around with your friends

After our activities we went back to school. Mrs. Tellett can report that the children definably expelled lots of energy during the trip and were definitely a little bit ‘stiller’ once we returned to school.