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In year 4 this month we have been making Dragon Sock Puppets in our DT lessons.  Throughout the term the children have looked at different sock puppets and evaluated what makes them successful

They have then used the evaluation of different sock puppets to design their own.

Once their design was ready, they created  a detailed labelled diagram of exactly what their sock puppet was going to look like and then they were ready to start making their own.

Sam and Akal  have described, below the steps involved in making their sock puppets

How we made our sock Puppets

  1. We got a white sock
  2. Then we dyed the sock.
  3. After this you need to let the sock dry
  4. Get a needle and felt and thread
  5. Create your sock design
  6. Chop pieces of felt  up
  7. Sew your pieces of felt onto your sock 
  8. Enjoy your puppet

The children were able to choose 3 different colours for their socks: blue, red or yellow. Once the socks were dyed the children then sewed  on the felt using a needle and thread. They also decorated the socks with pen to add in extra detail.

The children were proud of their final products and were excited to take  them home.