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In art, we have been learning about different artists who designed landscapes. The artists we have studied this term are: Frances Hatch, Thomas Gainsborough, David Hockney and Claude Monet. We analyzed their landscapes and discussed techniques, mediums and mood created from the images.

We have also been learning about new art techniques such as: bleeding and washes using mediums such as watercolor paint, water colour pencils and tissue paper! To use water colour pencils, you need to go over the colours using water and a paintbrush- it was so pigmented! We created washes and bleeds using this technique. To create a bleed we had to carefully blend and merge colours together.

We then explored using tissue paper to create washes and bleeds. We cut out tissue paper into small squares and painted over it with water using a paint brush. We left the tissue paper stuck on to the paper overnight before peeling it apart. It left a colorful stain in our art work.

By the end of this term, we will apply all our skills we have learnt to produce our masterpiece landscape inspired by one of the artists we have learnt!

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