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This term we have been learning about electricity. We have learned about how it travels how it can be made.  We even got to make our own circuits with real light bulbs and wires!


In one of our lessons, we learned what different types of ways electricity can be formed and if it is reusable (can be used again) or non-reusable (can’t be used again). We found out that you use fossil fuel and burn it to create electricity but it is non-reusable so don’t use to much electricity otherwise it will run out! Fun Fact! Did you know that 35 million tons of fossil fuels are burnt every year!

In another one of our lesson we got to write down questions about electricity some of our questions were:

1. When was electricity first invented? 

2.Who invented electricity? 

3. Can you make electricity out of recycling?

Our lessons on electricity were really fun! Everyone absolutely loved it. Another thing we learned about electricity was that there are different types ways that electricity can be formed. Fun Fact... did you know that electricity can travel 300,000 kilometres per second!

When we made our switches we used wires, bulbs, batteries, battery holders, motors, buzzer, switch, and bulb holder to put them all together to make one big circuit and make the bulb light up!

In my opinion, I think our electricity lessons were GREAT!!!!

By Avni