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Before the Easter holidays, we had an outdoor learning morning! We did lots of different activities in the garden and around the field.

We made bird feeders to hang in trees all around the school. We use soft fruit like apples and pears and stuck sunflower seeds into them. Apparently, Blue Tits really like sunflower seeds! We also use Cheerios and put them on string and pipe cleaners. Cheerios are good for birds because they are made from oats. We had to find a good place to hang them so the birds could enjoy their delicious food!

We went on a hunt all around the school to find things in nature that began with each letter of the alphabet! We looked for different types of trees and flowers to help us as well as insects and birds. The only letter we couldn't find was x! 

We had a great time in the garden making our very own s'mores! We had to carefully hold our marshmallows on a skewer over the fire so they melted and became super gooey. We then had lots of time to play in the garden!

We also had time for some free play in the garden.  We played on the rope swing, got creative in the Tikki Kitchen and dug in the mud to create a waterway.... we had a very muddy time!!

Have a look HERE for some photos of our time outside