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As part of our design technology, we have been learning about healthy eating. We created recipes for our own fruit smoothies! We had to decide the ingredients we wanted to use and the quantities as well. They needed to be healthy fruit smoothies. 

Firstly, we had to wash our fruit. Then, we cut it up. We needed to be very careful when cutting fruit. Strawberries and bananas were good to use because they were softer and easy to cut. Some fruits like apples were trickier! Some of us added natural yoghurt to make it creamy. 

Once the fruits had been washed and cut, we put them in a blender. We watched the fruit being mixed up into a smooth liquid. 

In class, we used strawberries and bananas which made our smoothies pink, but at home, children used all sorts of different ingredients. 

Some of us had never made smoothies before so we didn’t know what they would taste like but they were super yummy and delicious.