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This term in year 4 in art we have been looking at two different artists. Their names are Rembrandt and Arcimboldo!

Rembrandt liked making his pictures look realistic. He enjoyed painting pictures of the poor people instead of the rich people. In those days there were no cameras, so people use to get Rembrandt to paint pictures of themselves if they wanted a portrait. He was known as one of the best portrait artists of all time! He has painted over 40 pictures of himself. His most famous painting was called the Night Watch, it was large over 14 feet! Some of the portraits we have looked at this term are the Lady with the Plume and Young Man Smiling.

Arcimboldo was very creative and imaginative! He liked making people out of books, fruit, veg and fish. Arcimboldo liked using paints for his pictures. He has created 4 different pictures for the 4 different seasons. He had produced them in 1563, 1572 and 1573. The pictures Spring and Summer were quite colourful and made from fruit, veg and flowers. Autumn and Winter were quite dull and were made from plants, fruit and wood. Arcimboldo’s most famous painting is called Feast for the Eyes. It had all sorts of things on it like a pear for his nose, broccoli for his forehead and even apples for the cheeks! One of his paintings called The Gardener was a bucket of fruit and veg but when you turned it upside down it was a man made of fruit and veg.

Both artists Rembrandt and Arcimboldo were very different in style as Rembrandt liked making his pictures look life like and realistic. When Arcimboldo love using his imagination!

Have a look HERE at us creating in the styles of these artists :)