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 In science, we have been learning about the human body and its functions. The way we did this, was to conduct an experiment on the digestive system and how it works.

It was amazing yet pretty disgusting when we found out exactly the process.

It all begins with when you chew your food, it will then go down your oesophagus in to your small intestines which we represented with a pair of tight and it doesn’t just stop there! The muscles squeeze the food down in to your stomach which we represented with a plastic bag. The stomach then churns your food which we did with our hands. YUK! At this point, we used orange juice as the acid to make the bread break it down in to smaller molecules.

The small intestines are well adapted for digestion having thin walls and all fluids seep through them and pass in to the blood stream.

Once the process has finished, all the things you don’t need in your body (waste) leaves through your back end.


You will be able to see certain steps in the photos we have posted HERE.


This week, we have learnt about the different types of teeth and why we need them. Mrs Cartwright will be bringing in different types of real teeth and we can’t wait to see them!


We have had valuable weeks that have been important for our education and life.



Bradley and Seth