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I was sitting at home wondering what to do next when suddenly I had the idea to cook so thats what i did.

I decided to make cookies and share how i did it with everyone how i did it.

The ingredients we used were

5 cups Flour       

2 cups Butter

2 cups brown Sugar

2 cups white sugar

4 Eggs 

Vanilla Essence

2 tsp baking powder

4 cups chocolate chips if you wish

a big bowl and a wooden spoon


First we poured the brown sugar in the bowl.

After that, we did the same thing with the normal sugar.

Then we melted 2 cups the butter and pour it in the. Make sure before you add the butter in that the cup is completely full of MELTED butter.

Finally we added all the other ingredients and gave it a good mix, a top tip is, if you are like me and love vanilla add a bit more than the recipe says... thats what i do :) 

Before we had to put it in the oven we needed to add flour in the bowl and give the mixture another stir

Now this is the time where we added chocolate chips to add a bit more taste.

After we added all of the ingredients we rolled the mixture into small balls then put it in the oven for 10-15 mins to ensure it was cooked properly.

Now it’s time to eat your homemade cookies. I really enjoyed baking and i hope you liked reading about me making my cookies.  

Here is the video to help you make it: