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This week, we have been learning all about the famous explorer, Ernest Shackleton. He sailed to Antarctica with his crew on a ship called The Endurance. In groups, we worked together to create freeze frames about life on the ship.

We had to play the roles of different crew members.  We then wrote a ship's log about our journey. We included lots of year 4 features such as fronted adverbials, direct speech and possessive apostrophes.
Here is Vivaan's first entry in his ship's log:
Day: 1
Location: Falkland Islands
The crew member's adventure started here. It was a nightmare. All of our crew members fell out. Hurley and the cleaner got into a big argument when he threw up and forced him to clean up. It simply went like this:
"Do it!"
But it lasted about 28 minutes longer. Also, each hour, the winds got meaner, as if it hated us. At least the sea was very generous. Hurley got mesmerising photo shots too! I hope for the kind seas to dominate over the devious wind and to kill its bad spirits.
Look HERE for some photos from our learning.