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We have been so busy in Year 4 this term learning all about Frozen Worlds.

In PE, we have been participating in Gymnastics. In this, we have been practising a range of balancing, jumping and rolls using basic equipment such as the benches and mats. We have learnt how to safely carry equipment across the hall by bending our knees and communicating to one another, sensibly.

Some of the rolls that we have practised are: forward roll, pencil roll and egg rolls. We also practised straddle jumps, poke jumps and tuck jumps.  We worked on supporting our partners when performing trickier moves such as a handstand. this involved lots of trust.  After having several weeks of practise, we will be performing to one another which is very exciting for us to share our ideas.

In art, we created penguin sculptures made from clay. We had to use different techniques to mould the clay and cross hatching to join pieces together. We then painted our penguins in realistic colours based on pictures we have seen.

In DT we have been learning about structures. We had to create the tallest tower possible made form newspaper. We learnt that a strong structure needs a stable base and we have planned our own bridges using exploded diagrams.

In science, we tested the melting point of chocolate. We also had to predict what state the chocolate would change in to. We had to measure the temperature using thermometers and record this information. We observed that the chocolate changed from a solid to a liquid.

Have a look HERE for some photos.