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It's difficult to believe we have only been back to school for a few weeks as we have done so much already in Year 4!

In English, we have written and performed our own poems and then had a poetry competition! It was great to work towards something. We have started writing non - chronological reports on animals to remind everyone of what an incredible world we live in. If you would like to see some, take a look at year 4’s display board.

Maths is great! We didn’t realise how much we need our times tables! We are learning up to our 12 x tables in year 4 and really do need to know them off by heart.

Here’s a link to help practise at home and be super speedy at them. 

Try all the tables up to 12 x Good luck

We went on our first trip to Bromham woods. We took part in four activities: archery, caving, climbing and an adventure course. We had an excellent time, although we did get quite muddy. We were super brave going in to the caves as they were very dark but, worked together to get through. On the adventure course, we had a great time racing each other! Archery was great fun. Some of us even got a bull’s eye! The climbing wall was a challenge but we all persevered.  Have a look HERE for some photographs from the day.

Perseverance will be our school value for next half term and Year 4 have definitely shown we have this value!