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In year 4, I have had fantastic time with Miss Lowdon because she has made us laugh about a million times.

Our topics were Reach For The Stars, Passage To India and Storms And Shipwrecks. My personal favourite was Storms And Shipwrecks because there were so many adventurous trips such as the Residential, our Canoeing trip, our Music trip and many more! In addition to this, I enjoyed Storms And Shipwrecks because we were learning about the Titanic which was awesome and we did a lot of DT (designing technology).

In Reach For The Stars we learnt about Space and we wrote about all the planets and aliens. In Passage To India we learnt about India (obviously) and King G came to the Hills Academy and taught us how to play the Indian Dholak. We were also lucky enough to go to a Indian Restaurant! So as you can see we have had a wonderful time with Miss Lowdon and in year 4!

By James