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Our trip to London Zoo!

As part of our Frozen Worlds topic, we went on a trip to London Zoo! Rosie has written a blog post all about the trip.

When we went to London Zoo, we saw loads of animals like tigers, lions, giraffes, hippos and zebras.

When we got there, we got to choose which animals we could go and see and at 1pm we all went to a penguin talk.  We saw them being fed and learnt some facts such as penguins are black and white because they are camouflaged in the water and emperor penguins are the biggest penguins at 4 feet tall.

We went to the aquarium and there were all sorts of fish like manta rays, some were black with yellow spots and some just grey. There were starfish as well. We also saw a sloth hanging on a branch with its baby.

We even saw a pack of hunting dogs trying to take some meat off of a washing line! We also saw a huge spider about 10cm long!  Please see our photos here