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Frozen World!

Narayani has written a lovely introduction to our topic.

On Wednesday 3rd January 2018 we returned to school from our relaxing Christmas holiday.  A New Year, a new term and that meant a new topic! 

This term our topic is Frozen World.  We have been learning new facts about the Arctic and Antarctica because when you look at the Arctic you see a frozen world compared to the green landscape in England. The most exciting thing that has happened to us is surprisingly an egg popped up in our reading corner. As that happened, in our English lessons we wrote a letter to London Zoo to discover more about the egg and what type it is and from what animal. A week after finding the egg it had hatched in our classroom!! As a class we were so delighted to see what would come out - there was a lovable stuffed baby Emperor Penguin. The penguin chick had just hatched… but what were we going to call it?!  We all thought of a name for the penguin chick over the weekend and wrote it down on a piece of paper. Miss Daisley put all the paper names in a punch pocket so it was fair for everyone.  She grabbed in and picked out a piece of paper and it was… Jeffrey!!

Our topic, Frozen World has been amazing so far.  In our topic lesson, we collected some facts about penguins as we were creating a fact file all about penguins.  Our fact files turned out to be quite wonderful.  Some people had made hysterical pocket booklets, while others had created beautiful three-page fact files.  In D.T. we had a task that was to create an animation for our fabulous finish at the end of the term.  In our table groups, we were asked to draw and write down our plan for the animation (that took two lessons to do).  It was a lot like making a story, so we had characters to make and we had to make a background.

Next, Miss Daisley got out the orange, yellow, black and white plasticine for us to use so we could make our characters. Our groups’ characters were one polar bear, three adult penguins, one baby penguin and three snowmen. When we had finished making our plasticine models and backgrounds we took pictures of our scenes. In our ICT lesson last Monday, we were copying and pasting the pictures onto a PowerPoint and doing rehearse timing, so that we don’t need to click the button when we show it.  Next Monday we are going to finish off our PowerPoint and then it will be ready to be shown to our parents at our Fabulous Finish.