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One of the things we have been discussing in Year 4 Pshe this term is peer pressure and how we can find the confidence to say no to people who are pressuring us to change and/or do things that we know are wrong just so they like us!  

We wrote acrostic poems about Peer Pressure and thought we would share some:

Peer pressure always making me sad

Everybody making me want to change

Even when i know it's wrong

Really want to just say no!

People changing who I am

Really good if you have friends, in this situation.

Eight year olds always telling me what to do

Surely they know what they are doing is silly

Strangely the people who i thought were my friends

Unfortunately under a lot of peer pressure

Really sad and angry

Especially when i have no friends to tell

By Ellie


Please dont peer pressure others

Everyone deserves to be unique

Everyone is different

Really try to keep it that way

People should be kind

Really have confidence

Every person should be respected

Sat to the adults

Stop and think

Unkind words are bad

Really try to think this

Everything is ok!

By Maizie