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This week, Year 6 started their DT cooking unit.

First recipe on the menu: Heuvos Rancheros which is a Mexican brunch dish.

The ingredients and recipe are attached with this blog but we began by dicing onions and chopping garlic and cooking them for 3-4 minutes until the onion started to brown. The aromas started to fill the air. Next, we added 400g of red kidney beans, some spices and approximately 100ml water and cooked for 7 minutes until the mixture had reduced and become thick. We mashed the soft red kidney beans and set this mixture aside. Our stomachs were starting to rumble. For the fillings and trimmings, we chopped some tomatoes, grated some cheese and chopped some avocados. The last thing to do was fry some eggs and put it altogether. We added some of the mashed red kidney bean mix on top of a tortilla wrap, added the avocado, tomato, cheese and egg and tucked in.

It was a huge hit with the Year 6 children. The official recipe has jalapeno peppers but our class teachers thought that it was best to leave this ingredient out – this can be added into the dish at home. We did add a little chilli powder into our red kidney bean mix though as Mexican food usually has a little bit of spice.

For the rest of our DT cooking unit we will be making chow mein, seafood paella, pretzels and carrot and chickpea rice. We hope that lots of children in Year 6 are inspired to cook at home and attempt to recreate some of the dishes that they make in school or experiment with their own recipes.