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We have enjoyed our first few weeks back at school, learning about new units of work in each subject. In art, this term, we have been looking at some famous artists such as Banksy, Beatriz Milhazes and Salvador Dali.

We looked at Banksy’s famous art and it was interesting to think about the messages that he was trying to put across in each piece. After we had looked at his work, we had to create our own stencils and we did some screen-printing. We had to design and cut out our own stencils and then we used sponges to do the printing.








In Religious and Wordwide Views, we have been discussing the major religions and looking at the amount of people who believe in each religion. We looked at which religions are more commonly followed in different countries around the world. We have also been learning about the importance of diversity in a community and accepting that people should be free to choose what they believe in.

Our history lessons have been all about the suffragettes. We have discussed the suffragettes and the suffragists and we have started learning about influential women in the suffragette movement. Emmeline Pankhurst was a key figure in this movement and we looked at the lengths that she went to, to try to achieve something she really believed in.

By Myra, Sultana and Nylah