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In school, we have been very busy in Year 6.

We have been working through our art lessons; we have been learning about different sculptors. Most recently, we did a lesson on Alberto Giacometti. He was a Swiss painter, sketcher and sculptor. We talked about how he had completed many pieces but we focused on his sculptures. We then had a go at making some of our own in his style, using modelling clay.

In PE, we have been doing hockey and gymnastics, which has been really fun. In gymnastic, we have looked at creating a balancing routine in a group and we are now starting to get out some of the more advanced equipment. We have been focusing on dribbling and passing so far in hockey.

In history, we have continued to learn about the Benin Empire. We looked at the size the empire grew and how the empire achieved their successes. This was mainly done through trade relationships as they created guilds of weavers, potters and carvers. Some of the artwork from the Benin Empire is very famous and can still be seen in museums. Eventually, the Benin Empire fell into decline.

We have been so busy with other things as well. We have been making Christmas decorations and there have been elections going on for Head Boy and Head Girl. We are excited to find out the results of the elections in the near future!

By Andy, Oli and Myra