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On Wednesday 19th October, El Capitan had their first outdoor learning morning session of the year.

There were three different activities that children that children rotated between: making bird feeders with Mrs Griffin, creating Rangoli chalk patterns with Mr Parker, and free play in the outdoor learning morning garden with Mrs Zhu.

Rangoli patterns are often used to celebrate Diwali; however, they can be used for other occasions. The patterns are made using a repeating geometric pattern or shape – lotus flowers of flower petals are a common design but other patterns and designs can be used as well.

Using pinecones, lard and a mixture of birdseed and feed, children also made birdfeeders that are now hanging in our outdoor learning garden. And there was plenty of playing in the mud during free play. Please see the attached photos for some examples of the Rangoli chalk patterns and bird feeders that were created.

Have a look HERE at our photos :)