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We have enjoyed our first few weeks back at school. Our first week back was full of different activities: teambuilding, games and setting goals for the year ahead. Since then, we have been finding out what we are going to learn about for the rest of this term.

English has been all about Stormbreaker! We wrote a diary entry, imagining that we were Alex writing about the events of his day. The start of the book has been very exciting but we cannot tell you too much as we do not want to ruin the story!

In history, we have been learning about the Benin Empire, which lasted for almost 2000 years. We have learnt about the first dynasty and the rulers of Benin. In the first lesson, we looked at some artefacts and tried to work out how they may have been used. It was amazing to see some figures and plaques from Benin.

CAM toys have been our focus in DT. In the first lesson, we looked at how CAM toys work and what a CAM toy is. It is exciting that we are going to try and build our own at the end of term and some of us already have an idea for what we are going to make. When we learnt how they work, we made a CAM crocodile and its jaw moved up and down like a mechanical crocodile