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This week, Year 5 and 6 had workshops delivered by Equaliteach

In Year 6, we started our workshop by discussing the definition of ‘equality’. This is defined by treating everyone fairly - not necessarily the same because different people have different needs.

The objectives of the session were to discuss:

· What families look like and what makes a family

· What words we can use to describe relationships and people’s identity

· How can we help raise awareness of equality?

We then collaboratively came up with some classroom rules to make us all feel safe to contribute to the session. The rules we decided on are below:

1. Don’t talk over others

2. Active listening

3. Be respectful

4. Using correct language

5. Be engaged

6. Try your best

We then completed a mind map based on the following questions:

What is a family? What does a family look like to you? What is the most important thing about a family?

After a class discussion, we then had a family matching activity, discussing who we thought belonged to the same family, and why. This taught us that we can’t judge a family set up based on looks because families can be made with the use of adoption, fostering and different genes. We also can’t judge families based on the genders of the members of the family, as not all families look like the stereotypical family of a mum and dad.

Colours of the rainbow activity

In this activity, we looked at the different terminology that people might use when describing different relationships and families. It is important that we learn this terminology so that we understand the best vocabulary to use when having these discussions.

We looked deeper into these definitions and related them back to the idea of a family and that no matter what the family looks like, a common factor in a family is love.

Next, we compared our families to each other’s families and discussed the similarities and differences.

After lunch, we carried on with the second part of the workshop. We worked in pairs to write poems or raps about families.

Here is a rap, written by Sam and Arde:

‘FAMILY, the only thing keeping me from stressing

Thank you for keeping me safe and protected

The support you gave me kept me going

Families are different but yours is yours

There is no right way of having a family

But if yours in how you want it

It can be right.’

To finish the workshop, we worked with our partners to come up with ideas on how we can raise awareness of equality, by coming up with some action plans. Some of our ideas consisted of making posters, having a notice board to raise awareness, and producing a class assembly for the school.

We had a great workshop and learnt a lot about the importance of equality.

Thank you to EQUALITEACH for a brilliant day!