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Recently, we had our first outdoor learning afternoon in year 6. The first thing we did was split into two groups. Group one went to the school garden with Mrs Griffin and Group two went to a grassy area of the school with their class teacher.

Mrs Griffin focused on chalk activities whilst the other group had to use art straws to try and build the tallest tower. It was important that the tower was tall but it also had to be strong enough to support an egg. If the egg fell and broke then you and your group would be disqualified from the ‘tallest egg tower’ competition.

With Mrs Griffin, we were allowed to use chalk to draw a maze on the path. When we had finished drawing, we were able to draw other patterns on the path. Some people chose to partner up and use tape to make designs and some people chose to draw freehand.

After we had completed the two activities, we were allowed to play in the Outdoor Learning garden. In the garden, we were able to use all of the great equipment like the tyre swing, wheelbarrows and spades.

We had a brilliant time and cannot wait to go back for our next outdoor learning session.

Have a look HERE for some fun photos of our time in the garden

By Bella and Lara