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On Friday, Year 6 had a school trip to Box End Aqua Park. It was such a beautiful day and we set off at 10am from school. We arrived to the lake looking amazing and soon were changed into our swimming gear, wet suits, life jackets, hats and goggles!

Our first activity was to complete some open water lengths - the aim of this session was to prepare the children for cold water in case of any situation in the future. Being able to swim in cold, open water is an important skill, so being able to have some experience is really helpful!
So, the children completed a few laps in their groups! After a while, those who felt they could, tried a lap without life jackets on! Everyone did such an amazing job and it was brilliant to see how the skills picked up from swimming lessons over the years payed off!
Luckily, because the weather had been so nice in the days prior to the trip, the water was actually really pleasant!
After Year 6 had completed their open water session, it was time to move onto the inflatables! After the safety briefing and a reminder of the whistle signals, everyone was free to play!
It was so fun - and tiring - running along the inflatables, falling in and trying to get back up! Luckily the lifeguards, teachers and parent helpers were on hand to pull everyone back on!
Everyone had such a brilliant time - no one left the aqua park with dry hair…even Mrs Fowler, despite her best efforts (thanks to Mr Parker!).
After lunch by the lake, we made our way back to school where we then went on to play games on the field. We ordered pizza and enjoyed it all together on the field. Lots of teachers came to join in on the fun and pizza!
Year 6 were so well behaved and as a result, it was such an enjoyable day in the sunshine!
Thank you Year 6 for being so brilliant!
Thank you also to all of our parent helpers - we couldn’t do it without your help!
Click HERE to see some pictures from our day!