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On Wednesday, 6B had their outdoor learning morning. Luckily, the rain stayed away, and we were able to fully enjoy being outside! We had 3 activities on rotation: free play, ‘garden plate’ making and cress seeds and team building games. The free play always involves mud – so much mud – and it’s a fantastic opportunity for us to just let go and be ‘free!’.

For our team building activities, we played various games that involved speed, strategies, thinking and luck. The most thought-provoking activity was ‘The Chicken, The Fox and The Seed’ problem. Here it is for you to have a go:

On one side of the river, there is a chicken, a fox and a bag of seeds. You need to get all 3 things across the river. There is one boat, and you can carry one thing at time, on the boat, across the river. When left alone, the chicken will eat the seeds and the fox will eat the chicken. So, how do you get the chicken, the fox and the seeds, safely, across to the other side?

Good luck! If you need help, ask one of us; we should be able to help you!

As well as our outdoor learning morning, we have been cooking in DT!

So far, we have cooked: Chicken and Chickpea rice, Huevos Rancheros, Chicken Chow-Mein and Seafood Paella. For each dish, one class cooked the meat version, and the other class cooked the vegetarian alternative. Over the 4 weeks, we have all had a chance to help prepare the food, with chopping, seasoning, stirring and grating! It has been a real team effort.

We have absolutely LOVED trying the different foods, from across the world, with some of us asking for ‘thirds’ as we loved it so much! There have been some children who have even tried cooking the dishes for their families, and (as far as Miss Brown and Mr Parker know) they have all been super impressed!

Please click HERE to see some of our outdoor learning morning pictures