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What an outdoor learning day this week! It was brilliant! Last week (Wednesday 21st of April), class 6P experienced teamwork at its best.

We did all sorts of different activities: planting flowers ready for their colour and growth in the summer; whilst working as team, we took part in team games; and free play, where we played around the Dragonflies garden and had some amazing fun! The best part for me was making a garden on a plastic plate with soil, sand and other natural resources. 

I personally enjoyed doing every single activity because there was soo much to do and lots of choice. The planting was exciting because the plants, that we planted, would stay at The Hills Academy for years to come – a reminder of the wonderful class that is 6P!

The free play is always fun because we get to play on the tyre swing and build a fort with large logs. Some of my classmates went really high on the swing and nearly went to the top of the tree! Plus, the teamwork games were also great because our teacher, Mr Parker, gave us a riddle and group one (Seb , Zack, Luke) were the first group who figured out the answer and won – it was really funny because the riddle was so simple but none of the other groups got it... Oh well!

I feel outdoor learning morning is an amazing experience because we get to spend the whole morning outside playing games and having fun with our friends. I think we will all miss this when we move schools; some of us have been here for over 6 years! It was also a brilliant idea for Year 6 to have a morning where they could just be with their friends because COVID has taken soo much of our time away from one another!  Have a look at our GALLERY of photos from our morning.

I would also like to thank Mr Parker, for being such an amazing teacher; Mrs Griffin, for running exciting activities during our outdoor learning; and The Hills Academy, for letting us have a fun morning.  Without the teachers, this wouldn’t have been able to happen so thank you everyone!

By  Dearan