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By the time you read this blog, the Autumn 2 term will be well underway and of course this time of year brings many events for the calendar – Halloween (and all the sweets you can eat), Bonfire Night (and all the toffee apples you can eat) and of course Christmas (and all the mince pies and Brussell sprouts you don’t really want but feel obliged to eat).

Here in school, we will also be gearing up for discos, class assemblies and trips away.  Year 5 are particularly looking forward to our trip to Henry VIII’s ancestral home – Hampton Court.  Our visit will submerge the children in the world of Tudor England, from the drama of live in court, through the excitement of battles and conflicts, to the daring tales of discovery and exploration that this time period is renowned for.  History and geography brought to life.

Subject wise, Maths continues through the four basic operations on into fractions and decimals; whilst English focuses on character and location descriptions whilst drawing in more technical aspects of writing such as parenthesis and commas.  In science, we will continue to explore the physics of forces and motion through levers and gears, water resistance and magnetism before arguably the best and most exciting of science subjects to learning about comes along – Earth & Space.  Also this term, in our PSHE lessons, we will begin to look at puberty and the physical and emotional developments that all children go through. 

The children are now one sixth of the way through their year 5 journey and, come the New Year and the spring term, they will be one third of the way towards Year 6 – now that’s a scary thought for everyone!  Doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun...?