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We have made a great start to Year 5 this term and have begun exploring a range of new topics and learning areas.

In English, we have started our new novel study of Cogheart where we have met the main character Lily and learning about her mischievous character and mysterious father who is currently missing, Lily attend a horrendously strict boarding school and has little human friends but loves the mechanicals and mechanicals that are there in the school. Lily does not get along with her teacher, Mrs McKracken, and the last we heard she was sent to a dingy outside hole of a room where she discovered dismembered arms!

In science, we have started our unit on forces and been researching gravity and who discovered it. We have been discussing thought provoking questions such as ‘what if there was no gravity on Earth?’ and ‘How would our night and day change if there was no gravity?’. To support our theory based lessons we have been using scales and newton meters to investigate whether there is a link between mass and weight and how the gravitational pull may change with lighter or heavier objects.

The Tudors are our first topic in history this year and we have started to look at a range of sources to gather a better understanding of how The Tudors lived before we look at timelines, Henry VIII and the culture. We are extremely excited for our first school trip this year which will be surrounding our history lessons where we will go to Hampton Court and explore Tudor life in more detail there.

We are all very much looking forward to the year ahead and can’t wait to face new challenges in Year 5.